Vado Releasing Two Slime Flu Versions

In an interview with MTV’s Rapfix, Vado speaks on the origins of the term “Slime” and the Diplomats reunion. He also explains the transition of  upcoming mixtape, Slime Flu going retail on October 12 and mentions another version with Drama will be released.
How did Slime Flu go from a mixtape to an album?
The anticipation, most definitely, [and] the buzz. And Cam felt that we give ya’ll a trilogy of Boss of All Bosses, which is what built my anticipation. He said you might as well put Slime Flu in stores.
How did Drama feel about not doing it anymore?
Drama’s my dude. I’ll have a Slime Flu in stores but after that comes out I’m putting out a Slime Flu with Drama, definitely, and then we putting out Boss of All Bosses 3 with Drama.
The one Drama will produce will have different music?
Definitely. We got over 100 songs, we work every day. I’m leaking songs every week, and those not even on the album. I keep saying album, I mean mixtape.

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